The Standard Edition includes improvements including a new Field Data Editor, Fields Wizard, and field conversion tool. You can use the improved Spot X+Y default merit function, which is now the fastest way to optimize for small spot sizes. Test different tolerances with a new on/off toggle. Customize the location of your design files. And more!

The Professional Edition includes all features available in the Standard Edition, plus the Contrast Optimizer, which uses the innovative new Moore-Elliot method. You can also use the new API documentation interface, with over 20 examples for MATLAB, C++, C#, and Python.

The Premium Edition includes all features available in the Standard and Professional editions, plus the ability to trace rays from more than 200 field points, so you can design complex freeform systems with high accuracy. You can also design new phosphorescence systems, like a fluorescent solar concentrator, with the most comprehensive ray-based phosphors and fluorescence model on the market. The Premium Edition is available on-premise or as an online subscription called the Online Edition

OpticStudio 17 features list

  • Contrast Optimization (Professional and Premium)
  • Up to 50 field points (Professional and Premium)
  • Over 200 field points (Premium)
  • New Field Data Editor (All editions)
  • Fields Wizard (All editions)
  • Field Conversion tool (All editions)
  • Min/max MTF operands (All editions)
  • Updated CODE V file converter (All editions)
  • Enhanced photoluminescence (Premium)
  • Realistic apertures for Odd Asphere Lenses (Professional and Premium)
  • Updated CAD dynamic links (Premium)           
  • Operand to create ZRD files (Professional and Premium)
  • API examples & interface documentation (Professional and Premium)
New Online Edition
  • OpticStudio Online (New Online Edition)
  • OpticStudio Online: US East Coast and Ireland (New Online Edition)
  • Ignore tolerance operands (All editions)
  • Updated Zemax License Manager (All editions)
  • Autosave (All editions)
  • Custom Zemax data folder location (All editions)
  • Improved performance for Spot X+Y Optimization (All editions)
  • Editor Speed Improvements (All editions)
  • Tangential Angle Calculations (All editions)
  • Updated Getting Started Guide (All editions)
  • Zemax Lab (All editions)
  • Feature Experiments (All editions)
  • Research Surveys (All editions)
Data catalogs
  • New Materials Catalog (All Editions) 
  • Updated Materials Catalogs (All Editions) 
  • New Test Plate List (All Editions) 
  • Updated Test Plate Lists (All Editions) 

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