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PSS®E is a trusted leader in the power industry for electric transmission system analysis and planning. Used by transmission planners, operations planners, consultants, and others in over 115 countries worldwide, PSS®E is powerful, customizable, and fully-featured. With the addition of integrated node-breaker support in version 34, PSS®E continues to lead the market in advances in electric transmission modeling and simulation software.

The PSS®E base package includes:
  • Fast and robust power flow solution for network models up to 200,000 buses
  • Lightning-fast steady-state contingency analysis, including automatic corrective actions and remedial action scheme modeling
  • Full node-breaker support for detailed modeling of substation topology
  • Automated PV/QV analysis with plot generation
  • Powerful program automation and customization with full-featured Python® API
  • Balanced and unbalanced fault analysis, contingency analysis (deterministic and probabilistic)
  • Modern graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive power flow and dynamics model library including emerging technologies such as advanced FACTS devices and wind turbines
  • Code-based, user-written model building
  • Powerful, easy-to-use integrated plot facility
  • Graphical construction of user-defined controller models

Now available in PSS®E 34.2:

  • Automatic importing of background images in diagrams from mapping service providers
  • Node-breaker modeling now fully supported in short circuit and OPF calculations
  • Calculation of thermal impacts and DC resistance conversion factors in GIC calculations
  • Better initialization for dynamic simulations with improved messaging
  • Revised composite load model
  • New governor models support specification of asymmetrical dead-band in speed signal
  • GE vendor specific wind models are supplied as part of the standard installation

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