OrcaFlex is the world's leading package for the dynamic analysis of offshore marine systems, renowned for its breadth of technical capability and user friendliness. OrcaFlex also has the unique capability in its class to be used as a library, allowing a host of automation possibilities and ready integration into 3rd party software.

OrcaFlex is in use by over 260 clients, mainly in the offshore engineering business, with others in seismic, defence, ocean engineering, oceanographic research, aquaculture, compliant marine renewables and related fields.

OrcaFlex has a very wide range of applications, including:


  • Tensioned marine risers
  • Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs)
  • Hybrid Riser systems
  • Flexible Risers
  • Umbilicals


  • Spread mooring systems
  • Jetty mooring systems
  • Turret (external and internal) moored systems
  • Single Point Moorings
  • Oceanographic mooring systems
  • Aquaculture moorings

Installation Analysis

  • Pipelay analysis
  • Anchor and mooring deployment
  • Riser installation
  • Cable lay dynamics
  • Through-splash zone deployment
  • Deep water installation of subsea hardware
  • Seabed plough deployment and operation
  • Offshore lift dynamics
  • Deflect-to-connect and cross-seabed pull-in
  • J-Tube pull-in
  • Stab and Hinge simulation

Buoy Systems

  • CALM buoys
  • SPAR buoys
  • Mid-water arches
  • Metocean buoys

Hose Systems

  • Under-buoy hoses
  • Offloading hoses
  • Floating hoses

Towed Systems

  • Towed bundle dynamics
  • Seismic arrays
  • Towed bodies


  • Minesweeping studies
  • Ship-to-ship replenishment
  • Dunking sonar modelling
  • Helicopter landing systems
  • Floating protection booms and nets

Renewable Energy

  • Wave power systems
  • Offshore wind farm installation
  • Wind turbine modelling
  • Power cable take-off
  • Floating wind turbines (with optional FAST coupling)


  • Seabed stability analysis
  • ROV footprint analysis
  • Sea fastening design
  • Aquaculture & marine security nets
  • Carousel and reel loading
  • Decommissioning and heavy lift
  • Floatover and mating

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