NAPA Fleet Intelligence is a game changer making voyage analysis easy. It offers

  • Voyage-by-voyage analysis of fuel efficiency for any conventionally powered vessel 
  • Access to performance monitoring data for 55,000+ vessels and 6.5 million voyages
  • Instant access through a web portal, with no onboard equipment or installations
  • Results based on AIS data, weather and environmental monitoring, and hydrodynamic calculations from NAPA’s in-house experts
  • Standardized, readily analysed and easy to understand reporting across owned, time chartered and voyage chartered vessels
  • Verification of noon-reports
  • Help to identify fleets and vessels which operate inefficiently and to do further analysis
NAPA Designer is an interactive state of the art geometry modelling tool for Naval Architecture and NAPA’s 3D structure design application NAPA Steel. It brings a completely new way of making real interactive ship design from concept level naval architecture up to structural plan approval and engineering. NAPA Designer offers an intuitive 3D modelling interface, requiring little training for a vessel designer to adapt to from a conventional 2D approach.
NAPA Designer was developed in close co-operation and valuable input from over 200 NAPA customers in 22 countries. Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and Idean, a global design firm specializing in superior User eXperiences played an important role in research and development work. Combining extensive, systematic R&D with NAPA’s 25 years’ experience in ship design software development we can now deliver a best-in-class solution, allowing design teams to meet the challenges of the future with confidence. NAPA Designer will deliver a significantly improved design platform for new and existing NAPA users alike and allow them to meet ship modelling requirements without additional time investment.
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