Electrical Power System Analysis & Operation SoftwareSolution for Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Industrial, Transportation, and Low-Voltage Power Systems.
UDM Libraries    New IEEE 421.5 Models    AC Rotating Excitation Systems AC1C-2016, AC2C-2016, AC3C-2016, AC4C-2016, AC5C-2016, AC6C-2016, AC7C-2016, AC8B-2005, AC8C-2016, AC9C-2016    Static Excitation SystemsST3A–421.5-2005, ST5B –421.5-2005, ST5C –421.5-2016, ST6B –421.5-2005, ST6C –421.5-2016, ST7B –421.5-2005, ST7C –421.5-2016    DC Excitation SystemsDC1A-2005, DC1C-2016, DC2A-2005, DC2C-2016, DC3A-2005, DC3C-2016, DC4C-2016    WECC Approved UDM Exciter ModelsBBSEX1,EXAC1A, EXELI, IEEET1, REXS, SCRX, UEL1-2005, UEL2C-2016    Governor Models DEGOV1, DT, GAST, GGOV1, HYGOV, HYGOVDD,HYGOVLL, HYGOVPID, HYGOVSPH, TGOV1, ST, UG8    Power System Stabilizer Models PSS2B-2005, PSS2C-2016, PSS3B-2005, PSS3C-2016, PSS4B -2005, PSS4C-2016    Energy Storage Models ESS1 and ESS2Wind Turbine Generator    New Control Block Test Routines    New Complex Terminal Voltage Input Blocks    Complex Terminal Current Output BlocksTransient Stability    Line to Line & Line to Line to Ground fault actions    Consider MOV Dynamic Voltage Limits    Enhanced Generator Excitation SystemsExpanded Engineering Libraries    Verified & Validated Libraries Included with Release    Download Verified Libraries from ETAP HelpDeskEnhanced Modules    Data Exchange (DataX)    Underground Raceway Thermal Analysis    Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning (DPET)

Multi-Language Edition - Localized    English    Spanish    Russian    Korean    Chinese     Portuguese    Japanese    Italian*    Turkish**Output ReportsCable Capacity Sizing - IEC 60092    Size Power Cables based on IEC 60092 - Electrical Installation in Ships & Marine Vessels    Line Conductor Sizing    Consider Short-Time Duty    Selectable Annex B for General Installations    Enhanced Reports and Cable ManagerDatablock    New Intelligent Device Settings Datablock    Auto-update Device Functions & Settings    Export One-Lines and Datablocks to AutoCAD™ (DXF) Drawing FilesSystem Elements    Motor Operated Valve Dynamic Voltage Limits    Enhanced Overhead Line Impedance Calculations    Enhanced IEC Fuse RatingsShort Circuit    Export Short Circuit Analyzer results to MS Excel    Consider IEC Fuse Test PF and X/R for Short Circuit Device Duty EvaluationUser-Defined Dynamic Model (UDM)    Blazing performance up to 50 X faster    Enhanced Result Visualization with Multi-Scope    Math functions with Multiple Inputs    Enhanced Timer Integration    Customizable Events for Test Routines    New Generic Load Test Routines    Go-To blocks for Internal and External UDM Communication    C# Scripting using MIMO Function Blocks

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