OPEN-MIND-hyperMILL-2017.1 SP1

Powerful CAM software for any geometry – whether simple or sophisticated. 
A wide range of machining strategies and automated programming ensure consistent and efficient processes.

hyperMILL® CAM software offers a wide range of machining strategies for the programming of even the most complex workpieces: from 2D, 3D,
 HSC milling and 5axis simultaneous machining, 
to mill turning with the millTURN module, to special applications such as impellers, blisks, blades, tubes and tyres.

Complete machining with just one CAM software on a standardised user interface results in integrated processes and minimised machining times,
 while also increasing reliability – for maximum process safety, cost efficiency and quality.

hyperCAD®-S is OPEN MIND's very own CAD solution, developed from the ground up.

With hyperCAD®-S, OPEN MIND has created a CAD application specifically designed for the tasks of an NC programmer. Compared with other CAD systems,
 hyperCAD®-S has a significantly expanded core, including, for example, all of the common toolpaths used in CAM programming. 
Other highlights of this CAD solution for CAM users include 64-bit architecture, a clearly structured user interface and a comprehensive collection of interfaces.
This groundbreaking CAD/CAM integration enables more efficient CAD processes and unrestricted CAM programming. 
The hyperMILL® CAM software benefits directly from hyperCAD®-S and its unprecedented functional scope.

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