Etap PowerStation v16.0

Boost Simulation Accuracy & Productivity
Multi-Language Edition - Localized
• Blazing performance up to 50 X faster
• Enhanced Result Visualization with Multi-Scope
• Math functions with Multiple Inputs
• Enhanced Timer Integration
• Customizable Events for Test Routines
• New Generic Load Test Routines
• Go-To blocks for Internal and External UDM
• C# Scripting using MIMO Function Blocks
ETAP 16 Release - Major Enhancements & Features
ETAP 16.0 Model-Driven Power System Design & Operations Software expands on immersive system modeling
and comprehensive simulation capabilities.
Transient Stability
• Consider MOV Dynamic Voltage Limits
• Enhanced Generator Excitation Systems
User-Defined Dynamic Models - UDM
Cable Capacity Sizing - IEC 60092
• Size Power Cables based on IEC 60092 Electrical
 Installation in Ships & Marine Vessels
• Line Conductor Sizing
• Consider Short-Time Duty
• Selectable Annex B for General Installations
• Enhanced Reports and Cable Manager
Short Circuit
• Export Short Circuit Analyzer Results to MS Excel
• User-Defined Fuse Test PF and X/R for Short-Circuit
 Duty Evaluation
• New Intelligent Device Settings Datablock
• Auto-update Device Functions & Settings
• Export One-Lines and Datablocks to AutoCAD™
 (DXF) Drawing Files
Wind Turbine Generator
• New Control Block Test Routines
• New Complex Terminal Voltage Input Blocks
• Complex Terminal Current Output Blocks
Enhanced Modules
• Data Exchange (DataX)
• Underground Raceway Thermal Analysis
• Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning (DPET)
Expanded Engineering Libraries
• Verified & Validated Libraries Included with Release
• Download Verified Libraries from ETAP HelpDesk
System Elements
• Motor Operated Valve Dynamic Voltage Limits
• Enhanced Overhead Line Impedance Calculations
• Enhanced IEC Fuse Ratings
• English
• Chinese
• Japanese
• Korean
• Russian
• Portuguese
• Spanish
• Italian*
• Turkish*
*Output Reports
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