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PowerMILL 2016 introduces project mirroring for reduced programming times of right-hand and left-hand parts. Enhancements focused on safer machining include carousel tool change simulation and additional collision verification options. New finishing strategies for machining blades and ribs give you more control, whilst reducing programming and cycle times.
Delcam has been at the leading edge of High Speed Machining technologies for many years, helping customers to machine components in the shortest possible time.

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• Offers a unique approach to efficient area clearance
• Rapid production of high quality machined components
• Constant cutter loads reduce tooling costs
• Minimises sudden changes in cutting motion for a superior surface finish
PowerMILL offers a wide range of strategies to make efficient 5-axis programming a reality.
• Saves time by machining complex parts in a single set-up
• Uses shorter cutters for faster and more accurate machining, with less vibration
• Improves cycle times and surface finish by efficiently controlling the orientation of the tool to the workpiece
• Fully integrated simulation and collision detection ensures safe machining of undercut regions
• Tool axis editing enables you to fine-tune individual areas of the toolpaths, resulting in a smooth machine tool motion
The PowerMILL Robot Interface lets you program robots with up to 8 axes as easily as you could program a 5-axis NC machine.
• Accurate 3D simulation shows exactly how your robot will behave
• Dedicated Robot Native Language Translators (RNLTs) drive the robot as programmed
• Manual axis adjustment to avoid singularities
• Supports popular robots such as Kuka, ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Staubli 

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