The standard functionality of Ucam can be extended by adding dedicated features
True Etch Compensation
Improves etchant performance on today's dense and complex PCB's
Ucam to Polar Link
Seamless Ucam to Polar integration allowing you to use the best of both worlds

Visual HyperScript
Visual HyperScript (VHS) is a scripting environment for Ucam. It is designed to help Ucam users to automate all kinds of operator actions. The user can record simple repetitive tasks or he can build complete applications with Launch Pads and interactive Dialogs. Scripting is fun and can be done by people with any skill level.
The HyperScript API Reference Guide can be found in the Ucam Help Menu.
Scripting tool for experienced Java programmers providing full Ucam functionality.
The HyperTool API Reference Guide can be found in the Ucam Help Menu.
Ucamco released Ucam version 10.1.9
This maintenance release includes minor feature updates:
- Better support for non-ASCII characters
- Layer Info kept when merging layers
- Better Modify Layer dialog handling
- Configuration of font directory location
and several maintenance updates on Ucam functions

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