LucidShape is the most powerful and advanced computer aided designing software for lighting design tasks. It's friendly and very extensive user-interface enables engineers from all over the world to create all kinds of reflectors and other lighting applications in very short time. You can create the geometry in 3D with our high-innovative
A rapid forward Monte-Carlo ray trace algorithm gives a prediction for the product's intended functions. LucidShape's Monte-Carlo raytrace algorithm is the Lastest for reflector design on the market. In addition, LucidShape offers an even faster ray tracing method, called "Light Mapping" and interactive raytracing. Interactive raytracing is a powerful tool to investigate the behavior of reflectors and lenses in the visualization of light rays traveling through the scene. In LucidStudio one can interactively "touch" the shapes and watch ray bundles come from a source and bounce via the touch point through the whole scene until they hit an absorber or launch to infinity.

ECE low beam
A typical analysis of light data is the comparison between the computer prediction and measurements. LucidStudio also offers a huge number of test tables for regulation requirements, i.e. automotive lighting for ECE, SAE & JIS. LucidShape is as interactive as you wish. Add your own defined dialog interfaces for your design, simulation, analysis, and documentation. LucidShape meets your individual needs.

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