2014 New software for download,tutorials,training

[Other CAD/CAM] Mastercam X8 HotFix 3_ v17.0.17986.0_Win64
[DELCAM] Delcam PowerInspect 2014 SP1
[petroleum] kingdom suite 2015
 [UGS] Siemens.NX.v10.0 Engineering DataBases
 [Other CFD] Siemens LMS Virtual Lab Rev13.1
 [Other EDA] CST Studio Suite 2014 SP6 Updat
 [PTC] PTC Creo 3.0 M020
 [Structural Analysis] DIGICORP Ingegneria Civil Design v10.0 for Autodesk AutoCAD 2015
 [Structural Analysis] ADAPT.PT.RC.2014.2
 [petroleum] Zeataline.PipeData.Pro.v9.3.2
 [SolidWorks] nPower.PowerSurfacing.v2.00.9465.for.SolidWorks2015
 [UGS] SIEMENS NX v10.0.0 Mold Wizard EasyFill Advanced
 [Structural Analysis] CSI Etabs 2013 v13.2.2
 [petroleum] Petrel 2014_DomainVideos_v1.5
 [petroleum] WinSim Design II V14
 [Other CAD/CAM] GibbsCAM_2014_10.7.19.0
 [Other EDA] Antenna Magus Pro 5.2
[Other EDA] Altera Quartus II version 14.1
 [Roads_Bridges] Adapt Builder v2012.3
[Geological Prospecting ] Blue Marble Geographic Calculator 2015
 [Structural Analysis] MechaTools.ShapeDesigner.2013
 [petroleum] schlumberger forgas v10.5.5
 [Geographic Information] Schlumberger Eclipse 2014
 [Other EDA] Frontline Genesis 2000 v10.01B2
[PTC] PTC_Creo_2.0_M130
 [SolidWorks] DS.SolidWorks.Enterprise.PDM.2015.SP1.1
 [Geographic Information] SPT Drillbench Suit 6.2
[Other CAD/CAM] VERO AlphaCAM 2015 R1
 [AGILENT] Agilent.Electromagnetic.Professional(EMPro).2015.0
 [Geographic Information] ET SpatialTechniques Products v11.2 for ArcGIS
 [MENTOR] Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise Flow(EE) VX.1
 [Other CAD/CAM] MicroSurvey.CAD.2015.v15.0.3.1574
 [Other CFD] CEI.Ensight.10.1.2b.GOLD.WINDOWS.MAC.LINUX
 [DELCAM] Delcam_Crispin_ShoeMaker_2015_R1_SP1
 [Dassault CATIA ] DS_CATIA_Composer_V6R2015
 [AGILENT] Agilent Advanced Design System ADS 2015.1
 [SolidWorks] SolidWorks 2015 With SP1.0
[SolidWorks] SolidCAM 2014 SP3 HF2
[Other CAD/CAM] InventorCAM 2015
[Other CFD] CAE Linux 2013 Win64
 [petroleum] Schlumberger.Hydro.GeoAnalyst.2014.2
 [petroleum] Schlumberger.AquiferTest.Pro.2014.1
[petroleum] Schlumberger AquaChem 2014.2
 [MENTOR] Mentor.Graphics.QuestaSim.v10.2c
 [Other EDA] Xilinx.Vivado.Design.Suite.2014.4
[AGILENT] Agilent.89600.Vector.Signal.Analyzer.v18
 [petroleum] Intrepid.Geophysics.GeoModeller.2014.v3.2.0
 [petroleum] Intergraph CADWorx 2015
[Management] Palisade @RISK v6.3.1
[Dassault CATIA ] Theorem.Solutions.CADverter.17.3.CATIAV5
 [Other CFD] CFTurbo_9.2.8
 [Mould Processing] AutoForm Plus R5.2.3 HotFix
| [Other CFD] XYZ TRUEGRID V3.10
 [Biomedicine] Schrodinger Suite 2014
 [BENTLEY] Bentley ProStructures V8i (SELECTseries 7)
 [Development ] Intel.Parallel.Studio.XE.2015.Update.1
 [Other EDA] Polar Instruments si900e 2013 v13.2
 [Other EDA] Mician mWave Wizard V7.10
[Geographic Information] Schlumberger Techlog 2014
 [Other EDA] SIMetrix pro 7.1
 [Other EDA] Sonnet Suite Pro v15.52
 [Water Conservancy] Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System(WMS) v9.1.12.0
 [petroleum] Invensys.SimSci-Esscor.DYNSIM.V5.2.1
 [Other EDA] Polar_Instruments_Speedstack_2013
 [Other EDA] Tanner Tools v16.12
 [Animation] Quixel.Suite.v1.8.x64
 [Dassault CATIA ] CATIA_V5-6R2014_SP4_Update
 [Development ] Indusoft.Web.Studio.v7.1.SP3.Multilingual
 [Other CFD] Dassault Systemes Simulia Abaqus v6.13.SP4
 [Other CAD/CAM] CYPE CypeCAD 2014h
 [SolidWorks] SolidCAM 2015 for SolidWorks 2012-2015
 [Other CFD] AVL.Workspace.Suite.v2014.Linux.win
[Other EDA] Nuhertz_Filter_Solutions_2014
 [Other CAD/CAM] InventorCAM 2014
 [Other EDA] Infolytica MotorSolve 4.1.1
[Other CAD/CAM] SolidCAM2014_SP3_HF1
 [Other EDA] NI.LabVIEW.2014.V14.01
[Other EDA] CST Studio Suite 2014 with SP5
[BENTLEY] Bentley OpenPlant Modeler V8i SS5
 [BENTLEY] Bentley ProjectWise V8i SS4
 [Math Statistics] Trimble Business Center HCE 3.20
 [Other EDA] FABmaster v8G2
 [Other EDA] Mathworks Matlab R2014b for linux
[Mould Processing] Stampack v6.1.1
 [Other EDA] Etap PowerStation v12.6
 [Math Statistics] Trimble Business Center v3.4
 [SolidWorks] Logopress3.2015.SP0.2
 [Geographic Information] Pitney.Bowes.MapInfo.Pro.v12.5.1.122
 [Other CAD/CAM] SolidThinking Design 2014 build 3966
[Control] Automation Studio 6.0
 [Other CFD] PumpLinx V3.4.3
 [Other CAD/CAM] HiCAD 2014 Service Pack 2
[BENTLEY] Bentley Map Enterprise V8i SS4
 [PTC] PTC Creo Elements Pro 5.0 M250
 [Optics] Lumerical_FDTD_Solutions 8.11
 [Optics] lumerical_MODE_Solutions_7.5.318
 [Other EDA] Altium Designer 15.0.7 Build 36915
 [Other EDA] CAM350 V11 with blueprint v4.0

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