Mastercam X7 does not allow you to save to a previous version Mastercam format. Use an alternate file format if you must revert to an earlier version of Mastercam. IGES, STEP, and Parasolid are examples of the available formats. Your geometry is saved with no toolpaths or solids history. Using New Backplot in Mastercam Simulator If you would like to use the new Backplot mode available in Mastercam Simulator by default, you can make this change through the Mastercam Advanced Configuration dialog box. 1. Click Start, All Programs, Mastercam X7, Utilities, Advanced Configuration. 2. Select Mastercam X7 from the version drop-down at the top of the dialog box. 3. Select Backplot from the Mastercam Properties tree control. 4. Select Disable from the list next to the Backplot option. Mastercam X7 Service Pack 2 includes many bug fixes, including the following list: Category Description Bug Numbers Code Expert Fixed an issue with Find and Replace D-05915 Code Expert Fixed an issue with posting 5-axis operations on systems running localized Windows D-06335 Mastercam Simulator Nesting toolpath operations with different tools used in different operations will now display correctly D-06073 Mastercam Simulator Fixed various issues with 5-axis toolpath simulation D-06168, D-05929 Mastercam Simulator message D-06086 Mastercam Simulator The toolpath and tool display of a surface finish toolpath with a transformation operation will no longer be corrupted when the holder is not defined D-06524 Mill Toolpaths, 2D Contour output incorrectly D-05821 Mill Toolpaths, 3D HST Fixed an issue where the toolpath was not generated correctly when using an engrave tool D-05973

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