With new functions for familiar strategies, hyperMILL 2013 steps in to further optimise manufacturing processes in order to realise untapped potential in production and make processes more efficient. Specifically, this means reducing programming and manufacturing times more than ever before and constantly improving surface quality. hyperMAXX® for 2D pocket milling The dynamic feedrate adjustment of hyperMAXX® (High Performance Cutting) reduces milling times, increases tool life and prolongs machine life. hyperMAXX® is fully integrated in hyperMILL® and can be opened as an optimisation strategy for 2D pocket milling, 3D arbitrary stock roughing and 5axis shape offset roughing. Tool life can be tripled Constant load on tool and machine Machining operations always with climb milling No sharp edges or sudden changes in milling direction No post-processor adjustments required Benefit: Significantly longer tool life, dramatically reduced machining times. New “Rib Machining” cycle OPEN MIND worked together with one of Germany's largest automotive manufacturers to develop the new “Rib Machining” cycle to program negative rib shapes. This feature automatically detects grooves to be milled. Steep areas and floors are machined separately. Pocket machining and collision avoidance (shaft and tool against stock, trim curve and model) are integrated in the cycle. The system selects a suitable roughing strategy based on the geometric situation at hand. Contiguous areas are completely machined. The cycle supports tapered and conically strengthened tools. Benefit: Trouble-free programming of negative rib shapes, shorter machining times and a higher level of quality. Shape offset finishing Barrel cutter shapes that enable larger infeed are now supported by hyperMILL®. Benefit: Very short machining times and optimised surface quality. New, spiral movement sequences enable a constant, continuous infeed. Benefit: Better surface quality. Tire module The module allows the user to easily program tire projects. A special Tire Browser and user interface was developed to create and edit tire definitions. These tire definitions can reach a high level of complexity and account for multiple tracks. Intelligent automated functions facilitate fast programming of individual pitches or pitches combined in pairs. Automatic segment program generation allows you to trim, sort and link tool paths with collision monitoring. It is possible to automatically generate segment surface geometries trimmed to segment splits. Numerous tire-specific 5axis strategies deliver maximum efficiency when machining tire moulds. Benefit: Simple interface to external systems; quickly create the tire definition; extremely simple programming of individual pitches; optimised and secure segment programs; significantly reduced programming and machining times.
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