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MIKE 21 is one of the most well established tools for simulating the development in the river bed and channel plan form caused by changes in the hydraulic regime. Simulated processes include bank erosion, scouring and shoaling brought about by activities such as construction and dredging or seasonal fluctuations in flows. Typical MIKE 21C applications: Design protection schemes against bank erosion Evaluate measures to reduce or manage shoaling Analyse alignments and dimensions of navigation channels for minimising maintenance dredging Predict sedimentation of water intakes, outlets, locks, harbours and reservoirs Forecast the impact of bridge, tunnel and pipeline crossings on river channel hydraulics and morphology Optimise restoration plans for habitat environment in channel floodplain systems MIKE 21 is a specialised tool for the serious river morphology modeller. It is, in a sense, DHI’s collective knowledge made available to river engineers. 19 out of 20 of the world’s leading consultants are using MIKE products for their coastal and marine modeling projects. When asked, they say that they prefer the MIKE products because it gives them: Increased productivity Outstanding technical support A full range of tools covering all their marine modeling needs Superb training - on location in their own language The marine MIKE products are proven technology. Thousands of projects have been successfully completed using MIKE 21, MIKE 3 or one of the other marine MIKE products. The MIKE products are accepted for virtually any marine modeling job anywhere in the world. Take a look at the user applications and on-line demonstrations to judge for yourself if the MIKE products will be able to cover your modeling needs. And feel free to ask for a live demonstration, if you want to learn more before you decide.

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