Predator MDC v10.0.156 improves all charts with a new Chart Zoom feature via CTRL+Left mouse and pressing the R key to return to the previous view. In addition, the Machine Timeline chart has been significantly improved. Specifically the following improvements have been made: Improved CSV import support to import commas, double quotes and optional double quotes Improved Machine Timeline Chart with new command filter Improved Machine Timeline with new CTRL+Left and CTRL+Right arrow support for next and previous tooltip events Improved Machine Timeline with better event display and tooltips Improved My Favorites to honor additional chart options and chart permissions Improved Event Time Analysis chart to default to drilldown style Eliminated Trend Analysis chart combinations that are not feasible Improved MDC APIs to have a v10 specific reference. Non script IDEs need to update to the new MDC API object reference Improved Splash screen display for specific screen resolutions Improved upgrade dialog to eliminate virtual network IDs Improved English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese language resources Improved online help with additional topics and fixed a number of help IDs Fixed a bug with function keys and the New Event dialog Fixed a bug when switching between multiple databases Predator PDM Enterprise has enhanced the shopfloor dialogs with New Machine Events and Tracker style Check In and Out dialogs. In addition, the following improvements have been made: Added -UNRELEASED to change manufacturing and quality status workflow Improved online help Improved -viewvaultitem command line to support wildcards Improved -viewvaultitemdialog command line to support wildcards Improved machine wizards Improved the Oracle database login screen Improved displaying the database name and host within the statusbar Improved check out warning message Improved display of LF only style CNC files within the shop floor windows Fixed a bug with editing a list item

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