Ucamco have now released UCAM Version 10, making Visual HyperScripts more powerful and even easier to set up. New commands extend Visual HyperScripting to automate data preparation for electrical test. New functionality based on the feedback from users makes it easier to start scripting and to share scripts across a company. At the same time Ucamco have put a short training video on their website which shows how Visual HyperScripts cut CAM time and how to start to use it. Flexible circuitry and Tape Automatic Bonding (TAB) is the fastest growing area of PCB fabrication, but it brings special production challenges. Developments which brought high yields and high productivity for rigid boards need to be rethought. Increasingly complex and increasingly diverse build structures, new materials and new technologies impose new demands on CAM, design verification, yield optimization and tool generation. Many earlier automation technologies are now ineffective. The Solution Ucamco’s new UCAM UFLEX software has been launched in response these challenges. Powerful tool-sets help product engineers develop innovative and effective solutions for cutting-edge designs, while highly flexible automation routines take care of the repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks which hamper engineering creativity. DFR – Design for Reliability

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