GH-Bladed download provides worldwide wind turbine and component manufacturers, certification agencies, design consultants and research organisations with a design tool that has been extensively validated against measured data from a wide range of turbines. It enables users to conduct the full range of performance and loading calculations. With a Windows-based user interface, it supports calculations of combined wind and wave loading, with full aeroelastic and hydroelastic modelling. It has been validated by Germanischer Lloyd for the calculation of wind turbines loads for design and certification. Multibody structural dynamics Bladed utilises a new, completely self-consistent and rigorous formulation of the structural dynamics. This provides consistently reliable and accurate results and forms a solid foundation from which to continue to extend the structural model with features as part of the ongoing development programme. Turbine Definition The main toolbar gives access to data entry screens which allow the various turbine components to be defined, including: Rotor Blades Drive Train Generator & Electrical Control Tower & Nacelle Bladed Modules In addition to the core base module, Bladed has several specialist bolt-on modules covering steady state analysis, dynamic load simulations, analysis of loads and energy capture, batch processing and automated report generation, interaction with the electrical network, and model linearisation for control design. Related information sheets can be downloaded at the bottom right of this page. Wind Field Model Bladed includes comprehensive models of the complex wind fields which can excite the turbine. 3-dimensional, 3-component models of atmospheric turbulence Various turbulence spectra and coherence models Transients in wind speed, direction, and shear as specified in the design standards Wind shear (exponential or logarithmic models) Upflow Tower shadow, upwind and downwind Eddy viscosity model of upwind turbine wake

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