Moldex3D is a suite of professional CAE tools that enable more accurate and more efficient plastic part verification and mold optimization. It helps global designers create better products to meet market demands. It also helps manufacturers produce high-quality plastic parts at lower cost. Moldex3D leads users to overcome severe industrial challenges and strengthen core competitiveness. Moldex3D R11.0 brings several breakthroughs on solver enhancement and user friendliness. It now provides the most complete industrial processing simulations, including advanced hot runner optimization, co-injection molding, microcellular molding, underfill encapsulation, etc. It also continues improving pre-processing and post-processing functionalities that help users acquire optimal solutions more easily and more efficiently. Moldex3D R11.0 builds its outstanding capabilities on past releases and adds innovation for better performance and user experience, offering the following new features and benefits:  Advanced Support for Pre-Processor  Accuracy Improvements for Simulations  Enhanced Efficiency for Simulations  New Simulation Capabilities  Material Database Updates  High Performance Computing Advanced Support for Pre-Processor Moldex3D R11.0 has improved its exclusive pre-processors, Moldex3D Mesh and Designer, to help users avoid most difficulties in the pre-processing preparation. Quality Improvements in Moldex3D Mesh Moldex3D Mesh highly improves the quality of solid mesh and surface mesh. Aimed to circular features, the meshing processor will assign at least six node seeds automatically in a circular region, which means a better node density distribution to describe a circular feature. It will avoid common geometric distortion in circular surface mesh and bring more accurate simulations. A specific geometric feature can be perfectly portrayed An enhanced function has also been added for users to find a region with small edge length on one mesh edge. Users can setup ideal minimum edge length to identify disqualified surface elements for further improvements. It will help users enhance mesh quality. Features and Enhancements in Designer Moldex3D Designer develops several new features:  Enables users to directly modify local geometric thickness on a 3D model. It is more efficient for users to run simulations for thickness changes.  Provides a user-friendly tool to draw an arc curve and attribute it as a runner or a cooling channel. It allows users to design feeding or cooling systems depending on individual needs.  Supports to import 3D models of cooling channels in STL format directly from CAD software. Users can build up complex cooling systems more easily. Users can create a complex cooling system in STL  Enhances the meshing performance especially for models with large runner volume. Its function of auto grid distribution will automatically distribute more elements in cavities than that in runner. It will lead to an increase on mesh and result resolutions in critical regions.  Supports to specify symmetric settings of models

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