JMAG-Designer is a simulation software for electromechanical design striving to be easy to use while providing versatility to support users from conceptual design to comprehensive analyses Electrical Machine Design (IPM, SPM, SR, Spindle, Induction, Stepper Motor, Alternator...) Basic Characterstics Analysis (N-T Analysis, Torque Ripple Analysis) Inductance Calculation, Efficiency Analysis Magnetization, Demagnetization, Eccentricity Analysis Loss Analysis (Iron Loss, Eddy Current Analysis) Thermal Analysis Structural Analysis (Stress, Centrifugal Force, Sound Pressure Analysis) Transformer / Reactor Design Basic Characteristics Analysis Structural Analysis (Sound Pressure) Loss Analysis Thermal Analysis Busbar Design Current Distribution Inductance Claculation Thermal Analysis Structural Analysis Induction Heating Analysis (Printer Roller, Inductance Frunace, Gear, Cooking Heater, Drive Shaft, Crankshaft...) Eddy Current Density Distribution Joule Loss Density Distribution Temperature Distribution and Variation

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