CR-5000, Zuken’s advanced PCB design software, offers highly sophisticated functionality for the layout of multi-layer high-speed PCBs and IP packages, addressing design challenges such as signal integrity, power integrity and EMC, while ensuring high-yield manufacturability. CR-5000 CR-5000: PCB design software - PACKSHOT THUMBNAIL
Enterprise-wide PCB Design Ensures integrity of PCBs throughout design and manufacturing through a constraint-driven design process with concurrent DFM verification Facilitates highly sophisticated product design - covering multi-layer and high-speed package and PCB technology, with integrated signal integrity and EMC analysis Created to serve medium to large organizations conducting multi-user design Zuken’s CR-5000 Board Designer is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing PCBs, BGAs and MCMs. With support of 3D utilities and viewers for HDI and advanced packaging, Board Designer offers one solution for all board technology needs. CR-5000 enables an interactive workflow between logical circuit engineering and board layout. CR-5000’s placement and routing tools are optimized for speed and accuracy, enabling you to tackle today’s complex PCB design challenges.

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