YDC Corporation is a Japan based system integrator. The company is engaged in the provision of the CAD system for electronic design. It offers various products such as CADVANCE aIII series which supports schematic design, PCB design, and parts information management; CADVANCE aIII-Eye series which solves the problems among heterogeneous CAD tools and improve productivity; and CADVANCE aIII-Design Server for simultaneous concurrent design which reduces the design time dramatically. In addition, it offers YDC SONAR, which is the solution for Visualization of the fab to support the needs for every staff from line managers to process engineers. YDC SONAR provides several running environments from small configurations for test line with various users to broad BI(Business Intelligence) tool to monitor whole fab according to user needs and purposes, as well as offers unique database structure, and GUI that is specialized and ideal for semiconductor and FPD manufacturing process. The company is headquartered in Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, Japan. CADVANCE aIII series CADVANCE αⅢ-EyeDesign CADVANCE AlphaIII-Design CADVANCE αⅢ-EyeSchema CADVANCE αⅢ-Schema CADVANCE αⅢ-FileMaster YDC offers the CAD system for electronic design that meets the needs of the customer's eternal theme in electronic design, that is, "time to the market, high quality, and high reliability". "CADVANCE", which was developed first in 1982 spending all one's energy of the YOKOGAWA group, is the CAD system that has been enhanced to meet a large number of requests from the customers and to support the latest technologies for many years since its first release. YDC provides the following products as solution to make the design environment optimized to the customer's needs. CADVANCE αIII series that support schematic design, PCB design, and parts information management CADVANCE αIII-Design Server for simultaneous concurrent design that reduces the design time dramatically CADVANCE αIII-Eye series that solve the problems among heterogeneous CAD tools and improve productivity in all  stages of design, checking of drawing, analysis, manufacturing, and inspection Knowing the essence of manufacturing even as for every corner and true needs of the customer, we offer the design environment for new electronic designs at our customers that are used as not only the design tools but also the environment to share the information among the collaboration sites connecting the person with the person, the person with the enterprise, and the enterprise with the enterprise and the simultaneous concurrent design environment to work with the foreign countries.

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