Multiple Realisations for Robust Prediction of Reservoir Performance. MEPO is a step change in the reservoir engineering workflow. It substantially enhances the value you will get from your existing reservoir simulation models, by enabling a "multiple realisation" approach – allowing you to not merely model your reservoir, but to optimise it for maximum performance. MEPO can be used to improve your reservoir decisions in a number of areas – from determining the best locations for infill wells, to selecting the optimal development scenario, understanding uncertainty, or semi-automating laborious tasks such as history matching. Best of all, it works in harmony with your existing reservoir simulator, and is simple to understand and use. MEPO uses modern optimisation and experimental design techniques to better explore the solution space of your problem, and facilitates the use of the multiple model realisation approach when facing key decision gates. MEPO workflows now extend back to your geomodel thanks to the MEPO Link plugin for Petrel, allowing you to include static model parameters such as fault positions as history matching parameters, or to give you greater options in optimising well location. The MEPO Link plugin is available exclusively from the Schlumberger Ocean Store here
MEPO will enable you to make better decisions by improving work processes and controlling uncertainties in your simulation projects Understand uncertainties and mitigate risk Optimize development plans, production strategies, well targets… Enhance your reservoir understanding cost efficiently Improve communication and collaboration across asset teams Enhance understanding of field dynamics by more efficiently sharing, analyzing and visualizing results Conduct integrated modeling with geo tools and production networks

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