PIPEFLO V9 is a steady state simulator for flow assurance issues. PIPEFLO’s features for sensitivity studies make it fast and easy for users to consider a wide variety of options in order to arrive at the best solutions for their design issues and operational problems. Flow Assurance Pipeline Design Automatic Facility Locator Advanced Sensitivity Studies Export to OLGA Hydrates Corrosion Pipeline Optimisation Pipeline Cool Down Calculation Pipeline Looping
Solution include Designing a water distribution network for an enhanced oil recovery project Sizing pipelines in a two-phase heavy oil system Predicting and locating corrosion potential in a sour gas pipeline Designing the facility requirements to maintain acid gas in the liquid phase in a disposal operation Locating compressor stations in a gas transmission line Analysing gathering systems that include fibreglass or PVC line Designing heat tracing for a liquid sulfur line Expanding steady-state slugging studies to include transient modelling via a link with OLGA® for flow assurance in offshore pipeline systems PIPEFLO Dynamic is the solution that brings dynamic simulation into the existing steady-state workflow and allows users to model select dynamic operations in conjunction with their standard steady-state modelling. Accessible through PIPEFLO’s proven interface, PIPEFLO Dynamic is powered by OLGA® to allow the seamless application of consistent steady-state and dynamic flow modelling. A limited set of data entry is required in addition to what is already required for a typical steady-state flow model. The level of integration promotes significant time and cost savings and powerful workflow efficiencies.

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