VeSys 2.0 is a suite of wiring and harness design software tools developed by wiring professionals to satisfy the demanding requirements of companies where ease-of-use and value are as important as functionality. VeSys Design is graphical authoring environment for creating vehicle wiring diagrams via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols. Features and Benefits Rapid circuit design with intuitive user interface Simulation validates the electrical design as it is created Simulation highlights short circuits, volt-drop, fusing and wire sizing errors Automatic cross-referencing for multi-sheet parts and wires Customizable drawing styles Automated report generation Built-in intelligent libraries for components, symbols and simulation models Integration with MCAD systems for 3D harness routing and wire length back-annotation Embedded Test Drive tutorial included
Intuitive Full electrical design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols. Built-in electrical intelligence automates many design tasks. For example, splices are automatically created when wires are joined and cross-references are automatically created when wires cross between sheets. Furthermore, all entities have context sensitive menus giving the user the modification options appropriate for each different type of component. These and many other facilities make circuit editing a quick and simple. Productive VeSys automatically generates reports for wires, connectors and devices used in the design. Diagram index-tables, device and wire index-tables with full sheet and zone referencing can be added to the drawings and these are updated automatically as changes are made. VeSys interfaces with most major MCAD systems allowing accurate wire length information to be defined by the MCAD system. VeSys is simple to use, ships with a detailed video tutorial and requires minimal training allowing companies to become productive quickly. Experienced support staff and an active user community forum provide immediate support and answers to new and experienced users alike. Powerful Built-in simulation helps designers to check and validate the design, as it is created, helping to find errors fast and early in the design phase. Simulation shows voltages and currents, highlighting problem areas such as short circuits and validating wire and fuse sizing. Designs can be split into multiple sheets with automated cross-referencing and hyperlinks, helping users navigate the design. Diagram appearance – line weights, fonts, colors, symbols, borders, etc is fully customizable. Libraries are provided for components, symbols and analysis models and these can be shared and exchanged with other companies. Scalable VeSys shares a common software architecture with the Capital electrical and wire harness design suite. While VeSys is optimized for rapid deployment and a small IT footprint, Capital is designed for larger enterprises. A VeSys installation upgrades readily to Capital with riskfree native data migration. Capital encompasses solutions for physical architecture optimization, systems design, systems integration and wiring design, electrical simulation and analysis, harness engineering, harness costing and documentation generation. Moreover, VeSys and Capital are able to share common component, symbol and simulation model libraries. VeSys Harness provides a rapid and intuitive harness and formboard design tool with automated part selector and manufacturing report generation that speeds the design time and automates many steps in the design process Rapid graphical layout and engineering of harness and formboard designs Automatic part selection of terminals, seals and connec­tors parts etc. Automatic generation of harness manufacturing reports including BOMs and cutting lists Harnesses can be drawn non-scaled or full size using form­board layout capabilities Automated generation of connector, wire and splice tables Built-in intelligent libraries for components and symbols Wire lengths calculations include terminal and connector add-on/knock-off values Integrates with VeSys Design to import wires, connec­tors and splices and then back-annotate wire lengths Imports / Exports industry-standard harness exchange formats such as Capital 3D Harness (*.XML) and DSI Test Drive tutorial included

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