Jason® brings together petrophysics, modeling and reservoir seismic inversion to solve the most compelling exploration & production challenges. Unconventional shale gas—define the best drilling and frac program Thin reservoirs—locate and tap them most effectively Complex reservoirs—unravel tuning and AVO effects to map the true geologic character of the reservoir Fugro-Jason V8.3, the leader in reservoir characterization technology for the oil and gas industry, today announced the release of version 8.3 of Jason™ reservoir characterization software. Jason™ brings the most advanced technology to the geoscientist’s desktop with new functionality particularly suited for managing assets in challenging environments such as shale oil plays and shale gas plays, thin bed reservoirs and subsalt formations. Jason addresses a wide variety of geologic settings and challenges with powerful geostatistical reservoir characterization; wavelet estimation and well to seismic ties; and 2D and 3D seismic inversion. In shale oil and shale gas plays, Jason can play an important role in building an effective hydraulic fracturing program. Significant enhancements in geostatistical reservoir characterization improve detail in areas where reservoir formations are vertically thin and difficult to detect and correlate.
Fugro-Jason’s flagship suite of integrated applications helps geoscientists find the best pay zones and visualize how the reservoir connects across the field. Adams adds, “Our mission is to provide our customers with the clearest view of their subsurface reservoir as possible. Jason software helps operators not only understand risk, but reduce it in the process.” The Jason® software suite includes solutions for Petrophysics and Rock Physics, Interpretation and Analysis, Model Building, Seismic Inversion and Geostatistical Inversion. Using these tools in an integrated fashion, you can perform Seismic to Simulation studies using highly accurate and predictive reservoir models to evaluate alternate management strategies and predict future production and ultimate recovery from your field.

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