ESI offers a set of complementary applications for the foundry industry. ESI's Casting Simulation Suite has proven to be an indispensable tool in the foundry to validate decisions during prototyping, to improve yield and to reduce manufacturing cost. ProCAST ProCAST is an advanced and complete tool which is the result of more than 20 years of collaboration with major industrial partners and academic institutions all over the world. ProCAST offers an extensive suite of modules and foundry tools to meet your most challenging industrial requirements. The software, based on powerful Finite Element Technology, is well suited to also predict distortions and residual stresses and can address more specific processes like semi-solid, coreblowing, centrifugal, lost foam and continuous casting. Watch a video on Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting with ProCAST 2011 esi is a world leading software editor for the numerical simulation of protokind and manufacturing procedure engineering in applied mechanics. the important to esi's success is the use of realistic material physics, providing "as wonderful as real" virtual replys, in order to respot the lengthy trial and error processes on real protoforms. esi has created an extensive suite of coherent, industry-oriented applications to realistically simulate a product?s behavior throughout testing and real existence use; to refine manufacturing processes for desired product performance, and to evaluate the impact of the environment in which the product is deployed. esi?s products recurrent a special collaborative and open environment for end-to-finish virtual prototyping, thus eliminating the require for physical protokinds during product development. this response allows a productivity gain, innovation acceleration and significantly reduced costs. the business employs previously mentioned 750 high-level specialists globewide covering more than 30 countries.

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