Satellite Tool Kit 9.2 Satellite Tool Kit(STK) STK/Professioal(STK/PRO) STK/Visualization Option(STK/VO) STK/Advanced VO STK/Astrogator STK/Chains STK/Comm STK/Conjunction Analysis Tools STK/Coverage STK/Interceptor Flight Tool(IFT) STK/Missile Flight Tool(MFT) STK/Precision Orbit DeterminationSystem(PODS) STK/RadarSTK/Space Environment STK/High Resolution Maps STK/VO Earth Imagery STK/Radar Advanced Environment(RAE) STK/Terrain STK/Connect and STK/Server STK/WebCast STK/MATLAB Interface STK/Distributed Interactive Simulation(DIS) STK/Geographic InformationSystems(GIS) STK/Programmer's Library(PL) STK Professional Edition STK/Integration STK/Terrain, Imagery and Maps Standard Analysis Modules STK/Analyzer STK/Attitude STK/Communications STK/Coverage STK/Radar STK 9 introduces a whole new approach to STK software through product consolidation and full integration of AGI’s 3-D visualization capabilities. The new STK product line features three STK Editions—Basic, Professional, and Expert—designed to simplify your software purchases and for customization through add-on module offerings. Highlights of this new release include: •• 3-D visualization now part of the Professional Edition •• Enhanced enterprise sharing •• Expanded analysis capabilities •• Product consolidation AGI's latest release provides new capabilities for enterprise sharing of STK data. Regardless of STK edition, you can now easily publish your results in our VDF (visual data format) files and share them with other users of STK or AGI Viewer. And with the introduction of our new AGI Viewer Pro, non-STK users can also now edit and save VDF files. With this release of STK and AGI Viewer Pro, experience easier management and integration of geospatial data. Quickly add, remove, and group various images, terrain sets, and GIS data layers onto the 3-D globe using a single, integrated user interface.

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