Paradigm Epos 4.1

Paradigm EPOS integration The eagerly awaited direct connections to Paradigm EPOS 2D and 3D seismic navigation and interpretation data lead the list of features in Petrosys 16.9. The EPOS link allows direct mapping, gridding, and import of EPOS data in Petrosys running on 64-bit Linux platforms. The Paradigm™ Epos® infrastructure and data management system underlies the entire Epos-based application suite, links the applications to a shared database, and provides a common working environment for individuals or teams across disciplines. It is based on client/server architecture, which provides a multi-user, multi-project environment for data sharing and collaborative work. Epos 4 Architecture Epos Interoperability and Data Management Infrastructure Its light and scalable architecture easily supports customers of all sizes, from a single user working on a laptop, to a team collaborating over a network, up to multiple users on a central database. The system offers cross-platform functionality, so that two users who are connected to the same network can work together, even if one is working on Windows® and the other on Linux®. The system’s interoperability capabilities enable data from other E&P software vendor companies to be linked or transferred into Epos for access by Paradigm applications. Customers leverage this to manage the transition process as they migrate hundreds of terabytes of data from their legacy system to Epos, while ensuring that projects remain active and operational at all times.

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