Mentor Graphics’ LP Wizard is the only CAD library-generation tool approved by IPC, enabling you to build IPC-7351B compliant CAD library parts, or create customized parts from personal rule files, in just minutes. This brief video highlights some of the enhancements and features in our most recent release, LP Wizard Version 10.3.1. Absolutely the fastest most accurate software program to build CAD library parts. IPC compliant 3-Tier library system for Least (cell phone), Nominal (computer) and Most (high shock & vibration) technology environments. Fully definable user rules for every aspect of a CAD library part. The Multi-part Wizard is capable of building thousands of CAD library parts with a single mouse click. Proven results from thousands of satisfied users. Reduce the time required to build CAD libraries by up to 91%. With LP Wizard, you'll build complex parts and the numerous features of CAD libraries in minutes, not hours. All parts are IPC-7351B compliant and built with unbelievable precision. LP Wizard is the industry standard for creating IPC RoHS-compliant CAD library parts. This licensed evaluation software is fully functional and yours to try for free, for 10 days, with no part limitation. Choose from 10,000 parts or enter your own, custom component dimensions. This license does not include the Multi-Part Export Wizard.

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