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CAD Output


CAD Output
BB02825 - ODB++ output can now create different sub-steps, if the original data contains nested blocks on which the uPCB attribute has been allocated. Previously only 1 sub-step was created.

BB02907 - GAR now allows converting 0-sized aperture definitions. Previously these lines were ignored, while creating a wheel file, which could result in UNDefined apertures.

BB02677 - Split contours could not support regions containing small inner contours for which the size of the inner contour is in the range of the requested minimum overlap value. A message "Requested overlap is too high" was displayed and the region was not split. These small inner contours are not longer disturbing the Split contour function.

B357991 - Pad Shave function allows specifying if the shaving should be done between the different "regions" of a complex aperture. By default the shaving is applied between the regions of a complex aperture.

B358068 - The Soldermask Optimizer menu has been extended with an toggle for each section, allowing indicating which kind of optimizations should be applied.

Electrical Test
B358150 - AutoFixture is supported by 64-bit workstations.

BB02800 - Introduction of new ucam.db key, testpoint.use.uplated_attr, for allowing ignoring the uPlated aperture and object attribute, stored on the drill layer(s), during test point generation. By default these uPlated attributes will be considered, but if needed, these attributes can be ignored.

User Interface
BB02807 - Introduction of new ucam.db keys, pos.cad.formats, pos.netlist.formats and pos.scoring.formats, for allowing influencing the order in which the different output languages are displayed in the output menus.

BB02766 - Introduction of new ucam.db key, gerber.evaluate.interpolation.mode, for allowing evaluating the applied circular interpolation mode while loading a Gerber file, in case the Gerber file is not clearly indicating which interpolation mode should be used.. When configuring gerber.evaluate.interpolation.mode: 1 and gerber.interpolation.mode with value G74 or G75 the conversion of the Gerber file can still use the best suitable interpolation mode, in case the conversion with the configured value for gerber.interpolation.mode would indicate problems with some arcs.

BB02815 - Introduction of a new ucam.db key, gerber.274d.jp, for influencing the conversion of flashes (D03 command) of standard Gerber files (RS-274D). Standard Gerber files in Japanese style should not use the model flash command, so only add a flash when the D03* command is explicitly specified. This key is also reflected in the SmartStart Options list, as "JP Style" option, for Gerber files.

Import ODB++
BB02774 - Compressed feature files (features.Z) are now decompressed in a temporary directory to avoid problems with read only containers.

B358354 - ODB++ Import is now only loading the symbol definitions that are required during the conversion of the loaded layers. Previously all symbol definitions, available in the ODB++ job, were converted; this could delay the import of the ODB++ data.

BB02758 - During ODB++ Import the regions containing inner contours can be grouped in a global contour aperture definition (reducing the amount of aperture definitions), when the image is not influenced. Previously each region, containing inner contours, was always using a dedicated contour aperture definition.

B358989 - Loading an IPC-D-356 file for being used as netlist references (load from SmartStart and with ipc356.exclude.drills: 1), using the new input algorithm (ipcmet.new_input_algorithm: 1) was missing some references, in case the loaded file was not fully according to the syntax description, e.g. when columns 18-20 are containing characters, although the syntax description indicates that these columns should remain empty). These lines, containing the unexpected characters, were notified to the operator. These lines are still notified but the resulting reference layers are containing the references for these lines.


Job Editor
BB02843 - Clicking on the right mouse button can be used for hiding a layer.


Job Management
Open Job
BB02861 - Introduction of a new ucam.db key, openjobinrunningucam, for indicating if Job Open, by double clicking on the .job file, should be done in the currently open UCAM session or if a new UCAM session should be started.


Netlist Output
BB02846 - Netlist output, of stepped data, was limited to 1022 Multiups. This has been extended to the limitation of the output file (e.g. 9999 for IPD-D-356B), on unlimited if the generated file is not having a limitation (e.g. MNF2).


Design Rules
BB02770 - In case SmartDRC is not finding any violation, the warning message (indicating "drc found no errors") is now displayed in front of the SmartDRC window.

B358760 - Introduction of a new ucam.db key, drc.lsns_con, for influencing the algorithm that will be used while verifying the Same Net Spacing of Design Rule Check. Normally Same Net Spacing is running on the image (contourized image), configuring drc.lsns_con allows running the function on the way the image is constructed (by running some checks between objects of the same net).

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