This minor release contains important bug fixes for e.g. OPC server and Wells GUI.

The most important fixes in OLGA 7.0.1 are:

* Problem with LoadSnap solved in OPC server
* Consistency in results when running cases with wells interactively, in batch or with OPC server
* Improved handling of illegal input data in OPC server
* Bug when starting simulations from the Wells GUI after updates fixed
* Bug in the distributed reservoir inflows option in the Wells GUI fixed
* Default units are included in the .genkey file (as in OLGA 6)
* Problem with ENDCONTROLLER solved
* Improvements in the documentation

LGA 7.0.1 Download

Version 7
OLGA 7.0 comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) which provides new look and feel features, a new diagram view and 3D visualization. Further, two new modules are available in OLGA 7.0. The OLGA HD Stratified Flow Model is a simplified 3D model for three phase stratified flow, and the Plug-In module is a framework for interfacing user-defined models.

Highlights in this release includes:
• Easy to use interface and workflows
• OLGA High Definition model for stratified flow
• Open framework for easy integration

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