PRO/II 9.1® process simulation software is a steady-state simulator enabling improved process design and operational analysis. It is designed to perform rigorous mass and energy balance calculations for a wide range of chemical processes.

Spanning oil & gas separation to reactive distillation, PRO/II offers the chemical, petroleum, natural gas, solids processing and polymer industries the most comprehensive process simulation solution available today.
Key Benefits

* Rigorously evaluate process improvements before committing to costly capital projects
* Improve plant yields through the optimization of existing plant processes
* Cost effectively assess, document and comply with environmental requirements
* Accelerate process troubleshooting
* Detect and remedy process bottlenecks

Key Capabilities

* Refining applications: heavy oil processing, crude preheating, crude distillation, FCC main and coker fractionator, naphtha splitter and stripper, sour water stripper, sulfuric and HF acid alkylation
* Oil & Gas Processing applications: amine sweetening, cascade refrigeration, compressor trains, deethanizar, demethanizer, gas dehydration, hydrate formation/inhibition
* Chemicals/Petrochemical applications: ethylene fractionation, C3 splitting, aromatic separation, cyclohexanes, MTBE separation, naphthalene recovery, olefin and oxygenate production and propylene chlorination
* Chemical applications: ammonia synthesis, azeotropic distillation, biofuels, crystallation, dehydration, electrolytes, inorganics, liquid-liquid extraction, phenol distillation, solids handling
* Polymer applications: free radical polymerization, step-growth polymerization, copolymers
* Pharmaceutical applications: batch distillation & reaction

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