Datapixel Optiscan HR laser line scanner Integration
While integrating the new OptiScan HR in Metrolog XG13: we also made some improvements enabling the acquisition and analysis of a higher density of points.

Now supporting the all new laser tracker made by Leica: AT 401 (3D)
Our Leica partnership is stronger than ever: we will support the latest laser tracker AT 401. Leica and Metrologic teams have worked extremely closely together to completely optimize the new device integration with Metrolog XG13.

Integration of the Romer RDS V3.0.0 driver including 3rd button support
The latest RDS driver is part of Metrolog XG13 to support the latest evolution of Romer measuring arm. It will enable our users to use the 3rd button available in some Romer equipment.

New LK DCC Controller integrated with Metrolog XG13:
LK MicronDrive (Serial Liaison) - Touch trigger mode - 3 axis
LK Cupe (Serial Liaison) - Touch trigger mode - 4-axis for Gantry style drive
LK MCC-200 (TCP-IP Liaison) - Touch trigger mode - 3 axis

Some additional new features information will follow soon…

Metrologic Group keeps developing and improving its product line and services by integrating the latest technologies and offering its leading tools, experience and know-how to the 3D measuring industry.

As part of your software maintenance agreement, you will receive automatically the software updates as they become available.

Step ahead with our Advanced 3D measuring solutions!!!

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