What’s New In KINGDOM 8.6

The latest release of KINGDOM offers 27 new capabilities for customers. New capabilities range across 2d3dPAK, EarthPAK, VuPAK, VelPAK, and some capabilities applicable KINGDOM-wide. Shown below are two of the largest enhancements. Click Read More below to see all the new features.

Re-Engineered KINGDOM Fault Surface Modeling

The New Fault System is a complete redesign of the original fault system to provide a more accurate interpretation with new tools to modify fault surfaces.

* A new triangulation engine provides better fault surfaces.
* Fault smoothing using flex grid technology smooths one or all fault surfaces.
* Fault polygons are created using the exact line of intersection between the fault and the horizon or grid.

Microseismic Analysis in VuPAK Advanced

* Integrates seismic data interpretation with microseismic events
* Displays the events in any 2D or 3D window in time or depth
* Filters the data by any attribute with results seen in all views
* Includes easy tools to lasso or digitize desired subsets in any view in order to cut or crop points
* Provides dynamic visualization of microseismic events by any attribute as applied to color, size, and visibility
* Dynamically updates with user manipulation of microseismic events
* Generates a better understanding of reservoir response to well treatments
* Brings microseismic evaluation to the interpreter's desktop
* Provides a cost effective way to evaluate microseismic and treatment data

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