New Features
The following new features are available in this release:
Archive Navigator
This new utility provides a quick and easy method of automatically creating and restoring archives of the PADS projects, including DxDesigner® and PADS Layout.
Archives will be stored in a local vault and properties such as archive name, when and who created the archive, along with a user defined name and description will assist when using integrated searching capabilities to identify and restore the required archive.
Allegro to PADS Layout Import
PADS Layout can now import Cadence Allegro boards after initial preparation in Allegro. Once a Skill script is run in Allegro, the design can be brought seamlessly into PADS
Updated Altium Design to PADS Layout Import
PADS Layout import of Altium Designer now supports Summer 08 files (v7.1) and older.
Modeless Properties Dialogs in PADS Logic (Mentor Idea D113, D239)
Additional Property dialog boxes (Part, Net, Net Name, Bus, Bus Name, and Pin) are now modeless. These dialog boxes can now remain open, and you can select other objects in the design. When the object is selected, the dialog box will automatically update.
Join, Close and Break Commands for 2D Lines and Copper (Mentor Idea D329)
New commands were added to PADS Layout in the popup menu for selected 2D Lines and Copper shapes.
Join – creates an opened polyline (path) from selected lines.
Close – create closed shape (polygon) from selected lines.
Break – splits selected closed drawings into set of opened lines.
Note: There are several conditions when these commands cannot succeed – for example, the selection contains reuse members or shapes located on different layers or the command result is ambiguous from geometrical point of view. In such cases an appropriate message with details is displayed in the Status Window.
Synchronize Library List Between PADS Logic and PADS Layout (Mentor Idea D149)
A new checkbox “Synchronize with PADS Layout” was added to Library List dialog box in PADS Logic. A similar “Synchronize with PADS Logic” was added to Library List dialog in PADS Layout. When this checkbox is selected, all changes made to Library List in one application are immediately written to the other application’s settings. Library List settings are stored separately in .ini files for both applications as previously, so you can easily decide if and when you want to have them synchronized.
Autohatch Copper on File Load (Mentor Idea D424)
The new checkbox “Autohatch on file load” was added to “Hatch and Flood” options in PADS Layout. When this checkbox is selected every design is automatically hatched when opened. The result is the same as the Hatch All command from Pour Manager.
Options Dialog Box Redesign
The Options dialogs in PADS Layout, Logic and Router were redesigned to use trees instead of tabs. In PADS Layout and Router, the tree is organized in categories for better orientation and options grouping. Content of tabs which were overloaded in previous versions of PADS was divided into fewer elements on the new option tree.
Visual Style Selection in Customization
A new option, “Visual Style” was added to the Options tab in Customize dialog in PADS Layout, Logic and Router. This option allows the selection of a visual style (color and menus style) for the main application window from a list of several available styles.
PADS Applications Are Now DPI Aware
With increased text size in system settings, all fonts and dialog boxes are correctly scaled and displayed according to system settings.

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