With a rich feature set that includes advanced optimizations, award-winning analysis, and industry-leading language support, Precision RTL enables vendor-independent design, accelerates time to market, eliminates design defects, and delivers superior quality of results.
Key Features & Benefits
FPGA Vendor Independent Synthesis

Support for Actel, Altera, Lattice, and Xilinx
OEM support for Abound Logic, Achronix, Atmel, QuickLogic, and TierLogic
Same HDL and constraints for all devices

Excellent Quality of Results

Meet performance and area goals quickly
Advanced timing-driven optimizations
Technology inference for multiple vendors


RTL and gate-level technology schematics
Interactive static-timing engine to perform"what-if" timing analysis

Industry Leading Language Support

Supports any combination of Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog, and EDIF formats
Supports Synopsys Design Constraint

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