CoventorWare® for MEMS CAD Design,
Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation

CoventorWare 2010 Press Release

MEMS devices are increasing in complexity, as well as in the functionality they can deliver. Our CoventorWare platform has established itself as the leading design and simulation suite for all phases of MEMS design – from system level modeling to detailed 3D simulation and optimization, to manufacturing yield enhancement. With our 2010 release we have not only improved performance, but have added simulation capabilities that address rapidly emerging design requirements for exciting new MEMS-enabled applications.

The CoventorWare software suite is filled with MEMS-specific features that enable you to:

develop MEMS devices at a lower cost
become productive more quickly, focusing on your MEMS design instead of your software
efficiently design new MEMS products, moving them quickly from development into production
rapidly explore and optimize design and process options
adapt existing designs and processes to new markets
efficiently accommodate customer-requested design changes
save fab cycles during development and improve yield

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