CODE V has been at the forefront of optical design and analysis software innovations, with continual improvements to keep pace with optical industry demands. It is the preferred tool of numerous companies, government agencies, research labs, and universities worldwide. CODE V inspires this loyalty because it reliably produces better optical designs in less time – designs that are often cheaper to fabricate than those produced with other software. With a customizable Windows-based user interface, extensive help features, and excellent technical support to back it up, CODE V is also easy to learn and use.
CODE V Enables Faster Time to Market

CODE V’s flexible user interface, faster algorithms, intelligent defaults, and features to support the manufacturing process all help you develop and assemble the best design faster.

User-friendly interface with customizable data display and navigation features that allow you to adapt the workspace to your workflow and reduce design steps.
Integrated command line enables you to expedite design steps by freely mixing commands and mouse operations.
A fully functional macro capability that provides a powerful tool for enabling complex analyses to be run with an easy-to-use script.
COM interface for automating tasks and leveraging other COM-enabled applications to achieve an integrated, multi-application engineering environment.
New lens wizard to jump start model creation.
Supplied example systems and patent lens search.
Off-the-shelf components.
Built-in prisms models.
Black-box lens modules.
Built-in glass catalogs, including IR/UV materials.
User-programmable features support for surface shape, surface properties, and others.
The fastest design optimization capability in the industry.
Tolerancing and fabrication support features that solve production problems before your design reaches manufacturing.

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