In today’s fast-moving and competitive
electronics industry, CAM plays a pivotal
role in the process cycle from design
office to shopfloor. Ucamco has more
than 30 years of experience in
machinery, software. Drawing together
this expertise, UCAM Cam++ drastically
reduces job cycle times with powerful
CAD links, fast and error-free tool
generation, automated integration with
costing and planning systems, and a
direct, measurable improvement in
shopfloor productivity and process yields.
In-built dynamic automation and a user-
manufacturing technologies ensure a fast
roll-out needing minimum training times.

Ucamco continuously enhances UCAM
with new functionality to keep your
investment at the cutting edge of
technology. UCAM Cam++ has introduced
Constructor tools and a new service for
your customers – Design Restore.
High-level automation without limits

UCAM Cam++ Hypertool scripting delivers
in-depth custom automation without limits.
Unlike batch-sequencers, HyperTools give
you access to full core CAM functionality.
Simplify and accelerate your process
automation. Write new CAM routines to
automate your new technologies or to
integrate CAM deeply into your business
systems. The Java™ carrier means that
HyperTools are structured, robust and
reliable, fully integrated into the UCAM
Cam++ GUI.

Shopfloor productivity & yields

UCAM Cam++ focuses on advanced
manufacturing technology: dynamic etch
compensation to raise HDI etch yields;
verification and test output for embedded
resistors; SmartDrill optimization for 30%
faster drill times & improved microvia
yields; powerful Rout Constructor tools
to design and verify complex profiles;
uFlex functionality to optimize flex circuits
for long-term flexing reliability; Smart
Adjacency to cut flying-probe test times.

Enhanced supplier profile

UCAM Cam++ enhances your supplier
profile through comprehensive intelligent
data input, fast clear reporting of design
and manufacturability issues, increased
product reliability and improved delivery
times. The unique Design Restore
function provides an extra customer
service. Where an old design exists
only as a phototool or drawing, scan the
image and unique algorithms will rebuild
the original track and pad data.

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