xChariot is the industry's leading test tool for simulating real-world applications to predict device and system performance under realistic load conditions. Comprised of the IxChariot Console, Performance Endpoints and IxProfile, the IxChariot product family offers thorough network performance assessment and device testing by simulating hundreds of protocols across thousands of network endpoints. IxChariot provides the ability to confidently assess the performance characteristics of any application running on wired and wireless networks

* Over 150 application scripts simulating Enterprise, Triple-Play and Internet traffic
* Real-world application behavior at the transport layer (Layer 4)
* Creation of separate control and data-plane activity using Application Groups.
* Tailored scripting capabilities using IxProfile and IxChariot's SDK
* Create sophisticated traffic patterns with and without QoS for IPv4 and IPv6
* Measure throughput, jitter, packet loss, end-to-end delay, MOS and MDI
* Seamless correlation of IP stats with 802.11 client statistics such as RSSI
* Measure the impact of new technologies such as VoIP, IPv6, and multicast video
* Embed custom payloads to test specific data content across the network
* Troubleshoot critical performance issues on network segments and devices
* Measure IPTV channel 'zap' times
* Test high BDP networks such as satellite links and 10 Gigabit Ethernet
* Leverage Ixia's hardware test platform to create wire-speed Layer 2-3 traffic running in conjunction with application traffic patterns created by IxChariot®

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