Delcam_Powermill_ 2011_download

PowerMILL 2011 Out Now

Powerful, efficient high-speed and five-axis CAM machining

PowerMILL 2011 makes the programming of safe toolpaths easier than ever thanks to new stock model engagement options that protect both the cutting tool and the machine from excessive loading.

Other enhancements include:-

* New editing capabilities to simplify the machining of duplicate items
* More versatile control of feedrates for leads and links
* Improved sketching
* Clearer dialogs for the complete range of strategies
here is a new option inside the tool axis form to lock the rotary axis of the machine tool to avoid unnecessary tool axis motion.

By reducing any unnecessary machine axis motion, you will also see improvements to surface finish and ultimately machining times.

Fixed Angle control is available for all tool axis definitions except for those with a tool axis of Fixed Direction and Automatic.

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