LightTools delivers true design capabilities, accurate analyses, and high-powered product visualization features that will help you get illumination systems to market faster. Explore LightTools’ key features in more detail to find out how it can meet your specific illumination design needs
LightTools’ robust design features help you quickly and efficiently create and modify your illumination system design, from initial concept phases to subsequent engineering iterations and refinements.
Key design features ▼

* Sophisticated solid modeling with full optical accuracy
* State-of-the-art ray tracing speed, with full user control of accuracy and resolution requirements
* Create a light source from any geometric model, for unlimited flexibility to create custom sources
* Application-specific utilities to help you quickly build a complete model
* Extensive source and materials libraries, including LEDs and BSDF measurements
* Robust data exchange support for mechanical CAD data
* Interactive, dynamic link with SolidWorks®.
* Multiple immersion for modeling the embedded phosphor in an encapsulated LED
* Fully optimizable skinned solids for creating efficient LED couplers, solar concentrators, and other complex optical surfaces
* User-defined materials to model phosphor-based white LEDs
* Textures – 2D, 3D, and user defined – with flexibility to vary the shape, size, and spacing of texture elements
* Calculate the color rendering index (CRI) on any receiver – ideal for LED and luminaire design
* Intensity data collection that enables data exchange with other lighting design software through the IES and LDT data formats
* Point-and-shoot ray tracing for real-time, immediate feedback on your system’s light behavior during design iterations

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