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ShipConstructor Software (SSI) has announced the release of ShipConstructor 2011, the newest version of the company’s AutoCAD-based CAD/CAM application for the shipbuilding and offshore industries. The new release incorporates several enhancements that are based upon input to SSI’s Product Management team members who collected feedback and analysed needs from shipbuilders around the world.

“Our latest release supports several of the new features introduced in AutoCAD 2011 to improve the ease of editing,” said Denis Morais, ShipConstructor’s Product Development Manager. “ShipConstructor 2011 also increases speed and improves functionality.”

For instance, in ShipConstructor 2011, the Product Hierarchy Module has been enhanced to now allow users to organise their project in various ways. Multiple hierarchies can now be used to generate production output as well as for analysis. This new feature also empowers shipbuilders to generate multiple build strategies for construction of vessels at different locations.

To ensure that the ShipConstructor SQL database is always optimised for maximum performance, ShipConstructor 2011 now provides a simple method for scheduling database maintenance operations including the cleanup of unused data, compacting of database files, and the re-building of database indexes. This powerful feature can be scheduled to run during down-time, providing the design team with the most well organised and efficient database possible when they return to work.

The Project Revisions dialog has also been enhanced to make it easier to localise and examine project revision history which will aid users in analyzing progress and in tracking potential sources of errors.

The ShipConstructor Project Split & Merge product for multi-site collaboration has also had a performance enhancement in the 2011 version of the software. Merge and refresh speed at distributed locations has been improved by as much as 10 percent.

Information regarding each part’s Global Unique Identifier (GUID) is now more accessible which makes it easier to integrate the ShipConstructor product model with other best-of-breed software such as ERP and FEA applications. Readily accessible GUIDs can also make reporting and macro creation easier, thereby allowing shipyards to customise the software for their own unique requirements.

Additionally, based on customer feedback, ShipConstructor 2011 has expanded its profile endcut definition capabilities. An addition to the software’s parametric features now allows users to create a variety of new types of endcuts being used in today’s offshore and shipbuilding industries.

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