High-performing software components

OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a leading developer of CAD/CAM software and postprocessors for designing and manufacturing complex moulds and parts.

With hyperCAD®, 2D and 3D models can be easily designed and machined. With its wealth of innovative software components, OPEN MIND offers a CAM solution that is optimal for the range of tasks, manufacturing processes and IT organisation at any company. Above all, improved and alternative machining workflows contribute decisively to enhanced process efficiency. The hyperMILL® CAM software provides a broad spectrum of machining strategies and optimisation functions that enable flexible and efficient programming of the most complicated parts: from 2D, 3D, HSC milling and 5axis simultaneous machining, to mill turning with the millTURN module, to special applications for geometries such as impellers, blisks, blades, tubes and tyres.

Complete machining with just one CAM software on one uniform user interface results in integrated processes and minimised machining times, and increases reliability – for maximum process safety, cost efficiency and quality. CAM utilities and postprocessors prepare the way from CAM to NC programmes that are perfectly suited to the machine, controller and the parts spectrum.

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