FEFLOW 6 is available for download from the download web page.

All users with a current SMA will receive their new license automatically by e-mail. User manual and release DVD will be sent out in May and June 2010.

The transition to FEFLOW 6 is safe and easy; it is fully compatible with older model files without any loss of computational efficiency. Furthermore, it still contains the classic user interface known from 5.x-versions as a fall-back for experienced users.
A New Working Environment

FEFLOW 6 represents a break with the FEFLOW appearance that has become familiar to many users over the years. The new user interface provides powerful new features and a more intuitive workflow. Designed to give the modeler more degrees of freedom together with the accompanying means of control, FEFLOW 6 keeps all functionality accessible whenever possible to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency—with all the visualization capabilities that were previously provided by FEFLOW Explorer now fully incorporated!

Some of the new features and improvements compared to versions 5.x:

o Multiple simultaneous view windows (supermesh, 2D, 3D and cross-section views)
o Interactive and flexible visualization of parameters, maps, and 3D GIS/CAD data
o Parameter assignment on arbitrary selections of nodes/elements
o Multilevel undo/redo functionality
o OpenGL graphics acceleration

Want to Know More?

An extensive overview of the new features is given in the Special International Edition of our company’s news periodical "DHI-WASY Aktuell" published at the last FEFLOW conference. [more](pdf)

Probably the best way to get familiar with the new user interface is to give it a try yourself. Download and install FEFLOW 6 from our website. Those who do not own a license can start FEFLOW in demonstration mode. A comprehensive collection of demonstration data as well as a tutorial exercise are available to explore the new possibilities. [more]

Have a look at the FEFLOW 6 documentation for a complete overview of new features. [more]

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