OMNI 3D is the industry standard for seismic survey design and modeling. Developed by geophysicists for geophysicists, OMNI 3D is used by hundreds of specialists around the globe for the planning, execution, and analysis of land, marine, transition zone, VSP, and multi-component surveys. OMNI 3D features a superior user interface and a versatile multi-project handling capability, both of which allow users to quickly and effectively analyze and monitor their seismic acquisition projects.
Design & Edit Module
§ Design Land, VSP, Streamer, OBC, and OBS survey
geometries with easy to use design wizards
§ Create scripts using simple or complex shooting schemes
§ Edit surveys using sophisticated editing tools
§ Analyze and compare multiple survey geometries
§ Import and export data in all common formats
§ Integrate DXF, TIFF, shapefile, and other culture data in
multi-layered projects
§ Output complex scaled plots, including user-defined
labels and annotation to any Windows printer
Target Module
§ Create 3D target horizon models using imported horizon
§ Calculate survey design parameters such as bin size,
maximum offset, and migration aperture required to
illuminate the target horizon
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