Designed by Surveyors and Engineers
You’ve collected your data. The hard work is done. Or so
you think. Without the right software to process that data,
you could end up in a real mess. LEICA LISCAD is a purpo-
se made piece of software for the Engineer and Surveyor.
Data from virtually any surveying instrument can be impor-
ted and turned into finished plans so easily, you’ll wonder
how you ever managed without it.
Because LISCAD is purely a surveying and engineering
software, you only pay for what you need. In contrast to
add-on packages for drawing programs, there are no
superfluous functions that you will never use. The data-
base has been designed with surveying and engineering
tasks specifically in mind. This means it’s faster. Data is
imported straight in from Leica Geosystems instruments
with no potentially disastrous reformatting.
Computations (COGO)
Create and edit and examine points, lines, splines, poly-
gons, text and alignments. The WYSIWYG (What you see is
what you get) graphics mean you always know exactly
where you are. Moreover, a range of powerful computa-
tion options for points, circles, arcs, splines and spirals
simplifies and speeds up your work. Create line segments,
best fit lines or arcs through a series of existing points and
create polygons for cadastral work. Its all so easy. All attri-
butes attached to a point can be displayed through a single
mouse click. Editing of points can also be carried out en
masse by block, code, point range, description or group.
Background Images
Background Images, allows the import of aerial photo-
graphs, satellite images and maps, which can be geo-
referenced. This allows for the correlation of images
to your vector geometry, as well as on-screen digitizing.

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