NovaFlow & Solid CV is a new complete simulation package. Using new advanced numeric models and a new meshing technology, Control Volume, it is the most efficient simulation package on the market.

NovaFlow & Solid CV requires less than one hour to set up a complete simulation including start-up, meshing and running. The resulting simulation will be extremely accurate in accordance with your 3D drawings.

NovaFlow & Solid CV

is a complete mould filling and solidification simulation package based on advanced fluid flow and heat transfer theories.
NovaFlow & Solid CV utilizes Control Volume Meshing technology (CVM). With this technology, the surface of the 3D model controls the shape of the mesh elements on the border of the casting. This creates cubic elements inside the casting and border cells on the boundary of the casting.
Advantages of using the CVM technology

The CVM technology has the following advantages in comparison with the FDM / FEM method:

* For most castings, simulation time is reduced to around 10% with the same or better accuracy. (FDM)
* Higher accuracy in simulation thanks to perfect description of the 3D model. All sections are correct in size. (FDM)
* CVM needs less cells to define the casting geometry and ensures faster simulations and smaller result files. (FDM)
* The meshing process is completely automatic and takes only seconds. (FEM)
* The method enables more advanced calculation such as gas flow, contact task (stress) or full mould process. (FDM)

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