New Features Introduced in GT-SUITE V7.0
Version V7.0 is a major new release which contains many improvements as well as many added capabilities. The features listed below represent only the main developments of V7.0; in addition there are hundreds of smaller ones that do not show up in the list. Note that all of the new features of V7.0 are included in the base price of GT-SUITE (there are no extra-cost items).

Graphical Interface (GT-ISE)
- The popular Compound Templates have been given new powerful capabilities,
including encryption and database features
- Case Setup has been greatly enhanced, providing many new features for handling of parameters
(organizing them in folders, search, rename, etc.).
It also allows references to EXCEL and ASCII files.
- Data arrays can point to EXCEL data (as well as to ASCII)
- New wizard aids in initiating building of a new model
- Subassembly encryption now includes expiration date
Post-Processing (GT-POST)
- Completely new plotting engine, with many interactive features
(zooming, panning, display data point coordinates, drag legend box, etc.)
- Enhanced handling of plot properties and RLT plotting wizard
- Animated plots
- Interactive sectioning of 3D plots
- Wizard for data export to ASCII files (plot, CaseRLT, TimeRLT, End-of-Run)
Distributed Computing / Run Remote
- Halt a job from the user interface
- Choose solver build number to run when submitting simulation
- Run remote from command line
Optimization and DOE/Post
- Powerful new combined independent and sweep optimization
- Numerous other enhancements

Combustion and Heat Transfer
- DI Jet diesel combustion model enhanced, especially for multi-pulse injections
- SITurb SI combustion model enhanced
- Kinetics-based HCCI combustion model added
- New easy-to-use method for predictive combustion model calibration by pressure data
- Measured pressure analysis (to calculate burn rate) greatly improved
- New extrapolation of compressor efficiency at low speeds
- Range of input data included on compressor contour plots
- Compressor surge dynamic model, based on radial equilibrium theory,
predicts flow beyond the surge line, all the way to negative flow
- New physical models
- Additional data handling features
- Enhancements in the linear acoustics solver
- Improved thermal correction and mean flow correction
- GEM3D has improved STL import, added discretization options and body fitted meshing
Mean Value Modeling and Real-Time
- RT cylinder pressure via crank-angle resolved RT combustion model
- Support for systems from ETAS, dSpace, A&D, Cybermetrix, Mathworks, Opal-RT,
and Real-Time Technologies. NI currently in development.
- Neural Network training wizard enhanced with new capabilities and data merging
- 3D and 2D modeling of catalysts and DPF
- DPF with ash filtration and asymmetric channels
- Surface reactions with competing site reactions (‘triplets’)
- Handling of multiple active and non-uniform site density
CFD Coupling and General Flow
- Support for Star-CCM coming soon
- Added support for OpenFOAM
- New PipeTable for building complex pipes (with area changes and bends) all in one

- New fluid-mechanical templates for hydraulic/pneumatic valves
- Transient model for dissolved and free air
- Enhanced frequency dependent friction model
- New electrical and magnetic libraries for detailed valve actuation (solenoid, piezo, etc.)
- Hydro-mechanical coupling extended to 2-D (planar) mechanical systems
- Semi-automatic building of flow networks directly from CAD data
- Free / dissolved gas model for aeration in oil (transient)
- Oil property preprocessor (from test data)
- Added new capabilities to bearing models
- Semi-automatic building of flow networks directly from CAD data

- Greatly increased speed of large VTM simulations
- Faster model building
- Enhanced heat exchanger calibration method
- Semi-automatic building of flow networks directly from CAD data
- Enhancements to COOL3D – extended to more general 3D geometries
Two-Phase Flows
- Transient solution based on the standard reliable GT-SUITE flow solver
- Modeling of AC systems, sub- and super-critical, of any topology
- Modeling of Rankine cycle for Waste Heat Recovery
- Hybrid battery cooling
- Seamless integration with overall thermal management in GT-SUITE
- Very fast solution -- several times faster than Real-Time
- Modular lumped analysis cabin model
- Detailed 3D cabin model built by CAD preprocessor COOL3D

- New clutch model with no reliance on system identification for lockup modeling
- Versatile model-based vehicle controller
- Generalized transfer case, differential and planetary gear models
- Powerful event manager (control) module
- Vehicle electrical system modeling
Hybrids and Electric Vehicles
- Electric machine models that can be connected to electrical system models
- New electrical and magnetic libraries (added to GT-SUITE at no extra cost)
- Wide range of components can be constructed by using the new library

- New FEA (node, element) based architecture
- General 1D,2D and 3D multi-body dynamics (MBD) libraries
- Modal analysis and modal reduction for flexible bodies
- Superelement capability for coupling external FE models
- Four new implicit ODE integrators for improved speed in certain stiff problems
- General planar mechanism kinematics library
Valvetrains (release planned for later Build)
- Completely general MBD architecture with no limitations in modeling any valvetrain mechanism
(non-conventional, VVA etc.)
- Kinematic solution of any mechanical VVA system
- Modeling flexible valvetrain elements (finger, rocker etc.) ,
including reduced FE models
Cranktrains (release planned for later Build)
- Vastly improved simulation time for dynamic models of elastic crankshafts
- Visco-elastic (rubber) damper model based on Maxwell solid
- Graphical model building in CRANK3D
Gear, Chain and Belt Drives
- Helical gears
- New cable-element based detailed model of belt drive systems,
including belt-pulley friction/slipping and belt transverse belt motions

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