Techlog Interactive Suite 2010 crack

A fully integrated Application module that allows the 2D display of well locations held in the Project together with formation properties (e.g. porosity, saturation etc.) or summarised log and core data (e.g. minimum value, maximum value, average etc.) as contour maps.

New developments

* Display the desired set of wells in a 2D map viewer by a single drag & drop from the Project Browser. Well symbols (oil producer, gas injector,...) retrieved from the Project data store as a well property.

* Compute any chosen value or parameter from the logs, cores or results in the wells as a surface using Kriging as the contouring algorithm. Interactively adjust the variogram parameters to investigate data uncertainty across the fi eld or Project

* The data to be mapped can be directly retrieved from the results of the Summaries computation (e.g. average petrophysical property by zone and/or fl uid zone)
* Finished maps can be easily saved for instant retrieval, printing or display within 3DVue
* Based on well deviation and depth to surface, the mapped values are placed at the actual X,Y, locations of the zone whose data is represented by the map. Well trajectories may be projected onto any map

Coming soon

* Ability to load any kind of map from third party software, satellite pictures (with compatible geographic reference system)

* Additional contouring algorithms to be developed


The simple principles of a “Data Family” or a “Data Alias” allow you to rapidly harmonise names, units, scales, colours etc. across your entire project, and allow you automatically to control preferential data selection


From potentially many hundreds of wells in a project, use powerful data mining tools to rapidly understand the data that are present and any errors of naming, units and families assignment, etc.


Using the combination of data inventories and detailed data queries, search, fi nd and repair spurious names, units and family/alias assignment. Arrive at fully harmonised datasets ready for efficient multi-well work in a fraction of the time.

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